What They DON’T tell you…

September 29, 2009

Before I begin, I must clearly state that I do not regret any time volunteering, especially overseas.  Giving of one’s time for free always has the potential to be an extremely valuable experience, probably filled with warm fuzzies.

Now that that’s been said…

If I were one of those forward thinkers, you know, the planners, or any human of somewhat reasonable intelligence, I would have asked this question precisely one year ago as I was packing my bags for Southeast Asia.

What happens when you’re done?

Oh sure, they psychologically and emotionally prepare you well.  “There will be transitions.  You will feel lost.  Things that once were normal will now feel strange.  You will feel distant from your family and loved ones.  You might get depressed.  You will feel and think A, B, and C.”

The thinker would say at that point, “Oh, that’s nice.  I’ll feel that way.  But what about the practical things.  You know, jobs, living arrangements, de-worming treatments, HEALTH INSURANCE…?”

I, clearly, am not a thinker.

So, here I sit, 5 months after returning home, with my apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water treatment for my sinus infection.  Not sure if it’s clearing out my sinuses, but it’s clearly clearing out the rest of me.  Come to find out after-the-fact, this solution is the same as the home-remedy  for constipation.

Oh, just three more ounces…

Word to the wiser:   If you have health insurance, please use it.  Use it for me.  Make something up so that you can go visit your friendly family physician for free.  And if he just so happens to prescribe you anti-biotics…  well, you know.

Take them all, you thinker, you.


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