Meet Octavious!

December 25, 2009

Ta da! It's Octavious!

No, I did not have a child.  And did any of you think I would actually name my first-born Octavious?  Well, maybe I would.  Not a bad name, but just think of the nicknames!  Oct, Octy?, Octopus, Octagon, Tave, Vy, Us… Not sure about those.   I’ll have to think on it.  I certainly got time… 

And no, I didn’t get a pet.  I may consider it now that it looks like I’ll be in the country a bit longer.  Any ideas?  I’ve always loved turtles… And I’ve heard good things about hermit crabs and hedgehogs.  I should probably start slow though.  Goldfish might be the best idea… 

So, yes, Octavious.  Octavious is my new friend.  He spontaneously grew from an enormous snowball that my brother, mom, and I made.  We basically rolled it until we could physically roll it no more.  It stood close to four and a half feet tall (before we built on it) and was about 14 feet in circumference.  Beautiful, beautiful thing.  Yes, a large, dirty snowy ball in the middle of our yard is a beautiful thing. 

So, mom and Kevin decided that we absolutely must make it into a snowman.  I tell ya, I was satisfied with just a big ball.  I mean, throw some coal on it, stick some sticks out the side, what more do you need?  Apparently, most snowmen call for a minimum of 3 segments… like ants… or something.   So, we rolled up the rest of the snow in our yard to create another ball that had a circumference of 9 feet (is that right, Kevin?  where did we put the measurement list?  yes, we are nerds.)  This wasn’t well thought out, as we created this ball we didn’t consider the fact we wouldn’t be able to physically lift the sucker on top of the other one.  My ingenious, hopefully someday engineer (making the big bucks) brother, Kevin, came to the rescue with a plan to build a ramp upon which to roll the ball on top of the other one.  We tried a large wooden plank-it bent.  We tried reinforcing it with snow–too steep.  So then we made a ramp over 9 feet long with an incline of about 13 degrees.  (Wanna check my triangle?  It’s been a while, so I’d appreciate it 🙂  OK, the two known sides of this right triangle are 112″ and 25.”  So, yeah, use the pythagorean theorem to find the missin side and the cos of the angle A business… I think…)  Anyways, it was quite the construction!  Wish I had a better picture for you! 

fuzzy ramp, other angle


Anyway, once we got the belly on, mom and kevin started constructing the head.  We got out some step ladders and buckets to stand on to make sure we could reach.  The thing had serious facial deformities, but we worked really hard to make him into a beautiful Roman god–complete with plants on his head.  Our perennials would have to make due for the lack of olive branches… I do not remember the rest of the face.  It all happened so fast.  We basically got stuff out of the fridge and cupboard and kept sticking it places.  All we need is a top hat and it should come alive, right?  At least that’s what we were singing about at school last week…



Yes, that smile is a banana and his button nose is broccoli!

So, this is how we spend our snowy holidays in the midwest!  That and a little Garrison Keillor.  And a little yulekaga and lefse.  What more could you ask for?


2 Responses to “Meet Octavious!”

  1. bethany said

    Elizabeth, this snowman is massive and SO epic!! 🙂 Infinite kudos on your mathematic abilities, as well…goodness gracious! Everything about Octavious is adorable, right down to his broccoli nose! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Elizabeth Schrader said

    Update on Octavious:
    Christmas was a lovely day for most people, but unfortunately quite rough for Octy. He ended up losing his head… no not in anger (though in his short life he has evidenced quite a temper). Rather, quite literally. We came home from a lovely Christmas celebration expecting to see his shining face, and we didn’t. It appeared that someone lopped it off.
    He’s awaiting some pretty intense surgery–cosmetic and what not–and we will post updates on his condition as it changes. Thanks for your loving thoughts–but please, keep your warm thoughts to yourselves…

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