So, during freshman orientation in college, I remember having to take the Meyers-Briggs personality type test.  You think, cool, right?  As I look back, I remember genuinely not knowing the answers to almost all those questions.  I barely had a personality at that point, and if I did, I certainly didn’t have the self-awareness to take a test on it.  I think I chose the answers that sounded the “nicest.” (At the time, my most prized virtue.)  Ha ha.  I don’t even remember what I got.

I recently took a free online version, as there are some with pretty accurate results without stupid questions like if you were a flower, would you be a pansy, snapdragon, tulip, or petunia?  (is that even a question? i mean, we’d all choose the pansy).

Anyway, the answers are broken up into 4 areas, with 16 different possibilities.  Categories, in this order, are as follows: 1. I (introverted) or E (extroverted) 2. S( sensing) or N (intuitive) 3. T (thinking) or F (feeling 4. P (perceiving) or J (judging).   I could go into explanations of these, but really, you all have google and wikipedia.  Don’t be lazy…

Anyway, apparently people with Es and Ss are more common or something.  Yeah, you can use google for this too.  I have some friends who are INTPs, and they are very proud of it, claiming that category as rarest.  I never even questioned it (cause I really don’t care THAT much), However, I did some extra google research tonight and found that to be debatable.  And that, in fact, one of my types is rarest.

Now, I say “one of my types” because I flex.  I am pretty definitely an INF (yes, of course the F–there’s truly little room for debate on that), but I switch back and forth between J and P.  Judging is like doing things according to plan, acknowledging long-term effects of actions, and P is basically spontaneity, I think.  Again, don’t trust me–trust google. I digress.

Apparently, back to rare-ness, INFJs are super rare too–some studies show them rarest–take that INTPs!  ( They claim to be rare, but really, I know two of them.)  Anyway.  My other personality is INFP (I have to confess, it was weird to type “my other personality.”  I felt like I should have ended that sentence with “is named Bob and likes to beat the shit out of helpless guinea pigs with the national geographics that my third personality, Alex the zoologist, receives monthly and stores chronologically on the bookshelf in his “reading room.” )  But, yeah, INFPs are described as idealists or something silly, and the website I checked out listed some personal examples of such people, like Helen Keller, Carl Jung (makes more sense than BF Skinner, anyway), A.A. Milne (author of Pooh), and then Mary, Jesus’s mother, Homer, and Virgil.  The last three, I’m not sure how they typed with the little info presented, but I’ll take it.  My personal favorites listed are Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) and ET.  ET?

So, apparently, half the time I’m super rare, otherwise, I’m E.T…?


(PS: I’d love to hear what you all are according to Meyers-Briggs… Enneagram is for a different blog, I think.  That one’s a little more involved…)